Shipwrecked & Abandoned

 Better together 

The Jolly Roger flag with a cats skullAble Sea-cat Bart shares a heart-warming, better together ship’s cat story that hits the trifecta in one action-packed episode – friendship, kittens and escaping a shipwreck.   Read more


 Get me out of here! 

Life ring“Get me out of here” springs to mind on a sinking ship. U.S. Life-Saving Service’s Captain Henry E. Ketcham and his surfmen obliged, hauling the crew and Tim, the ship’s cat, to safety in a breeches buoy in time for Christmas dinner reports Able Seacat Bart.    Read more


 Great barrier grief 

HMS Pandora with the captured Bounty mutineers on board came to grief on Great Barrier Reef, but they rescued the ship’s cat from the sinking ship. It’s gripping shipping news says Able Sea-cat Bart, story curator of seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets.   Read more