Shipwrecked & Abandoned

 Daily bread 

Cat ate hardtack

A GULF COAST PORT, July 3, 1942 — A 17-year-old Massachusetts seaman came back from his first torpedoing with the story of the ship’s cat, which he saved. “We were in the lifeboat seven and a half days with not much to eat besides hardtack,” he said.   Read more


 Get me out of here! 

Surfmen pull ship’s cat and crew to safety

CHRISTMAS 1912 — During a blustery snowstorm in the early hours of Christmas morning, the 125-ton schooner Copy, making its way from Greenport, Long Island, to New York City, ran aground at the eastern entrance to Huntington Bay.   Read more


 Cannon cat cold case reopens 

The loss of the Monitor by a survivor

“Bailing was now resumed. I occupied the turret all alone, and passed buckets from the lower hatchway to the man on the top of the turret. I took off my coat – one that I had received from home only a few days before (I could not feel that our noble little ship was yet lost) – and rolling it up with my boots, drew the tampion from one of the guns, placed them inside, and replaced the tampion.   Read more


 Great barrier grief 

Pandora shipwrecked

Morning now dawned, and the sun shone out. A sandy key, four miles off, and about thirty paces long, afforded us a resting place; and when all the boats arrived, we mustered our remains, and found that thirty-five men [including] four prisoners were drowned.    Read more


 Fur & feathers 

Poor shipwrecked puss

January 1821 — “After the loss of the Cora a tent was constructed of sails and other materials the great part of which consisted of 4 lines of puncheons in form of a square, the heads of the inside ones being taken out so that two men could stand in and sleep, both warm and dry, one of these which was to spare was taken possession of by the Cat, and two Penguins one day came up out of the water and took up their stations alongside of her in the cask, they neither minding the people in the tent or the Cat, nor the Cat them.”    Read more