Shipmates & Mateship

 Eating etiquette 

Vintage flatwareTrim dined well thanks to his (mostly) good manners as almost every officer and man on board fed him. Able Sea-cat Bart reveals Trim’s successful table strategy and the fact that Matthew Flinders may have trimmed a couple of years off his age and shares Bruce Watson’s musical tribute to Trim the circumnavigating cat.   Read more


 Friend or foe? 

Charles Darwin's study of emotions in animals - an angry ships' cat and a submissive sea dog.When ships’ cats met seadogs was it war or peace? Depends, says Able Sea-cat Bart sharing happy families snaps of shipboard life plus Matthew Flinder’s Trim being rather a troublemaker to prove he was the undisputed master of the dogs onboard. Read more


 Pirate pickings 

Pirate Pickings, William Dampier’s tale of hungry buccaneers with dwindling food supplies, shows how grumbling tums become mutinous minds. Despite this, the men shared the meagre supplies with the ships’ cats reports Able Sea-cat Bart, story curator of the seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets.   Read more


 Warming up 

Able Sea-cat Bart looks at a war-time photograph in Warming Up showing the ship’s cat on HMAS Australia tucked in a shipmate’s vest. Seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets, always had to be ready to perch on a shoulder or sit on a hat for photo opportunities.   Read more