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 Pirate pickings 

Vital victuals

1697 — A New Voyage Round the World, William Dampier — We were two ships in company [setting out from Cape Corrientes for Guam 31 March 1686], Captain Swan’s ship [the Cygnet] and a bark commanded under Captain Swan by Captain Teat, and we were 150 men, 100 aboard of the ship, and 50 aboard the bark, besides slaves …    Read more


 Great barrier grief 

Pandora shipwrecked

Morning now dawned, and the sun shone out. A sandy key, four miles off, and about thirty paces long, afforded us a resting place; and when all the boats arrived, we mustered our remains, and found that thirty-five men [including] four prisoners were drowned.    Read more


 First aid 


THE GROG, March–April 2008 — The following is the correspondence between the skippers of the hospital ship USS Solace and the destroyer USS Bell 1919–20 regarding the disappearance of Thomas Whiskers, the Solace’s greatly valued ship’s mascot.   Read more


 Fur & feathers 

Poor shipwrecked puss

January 1821 — “After the loss of the Cora a tent was constructed of sails and other materials the great part of which consisted of 4 lines of puncheons in form of a square, the heads of the inside ones being taken out so that two men could stand in and sleep, both warm and dry, one of these which was to spare was taken possession of by the Cat, and two Penguins one day came up out of the water and took up their stations alongside of her in the cask, they neither minding the people in the tent or the Cat, nor the Cat them.”    Read more


 Nine lives 


“On the second Friday the twenty-second of May, Joseph, the ginger tomcat, fell in the sea from the mizzen channels, and we hove to and went back for him…    Read more


 Cats & canaries 

Guard for ship’s cat

New York Times 11 December 1906 — Some 40,000 canary birds from the Harz Mountains arrived here yesterday on the steamship Rhein, but the real story was in the troubles of Gretchen, the ship’s cat. It took six men to keep Gretchen out of that part of the ship where the songsters were caged.    Read more


 Watch out 

Sailors declare cat saved ship from ice

Los Angeles Herald 28 June 1908 — Crew of freighter asserts feline’s vigilance was responsible for their safe arrival in port of Boston. A common black cat, with a bob tail, doglike ears and green eyes, saved the deeply laden British steamship Daltonhall from colliding with an iceberg off Cape Race. So at least say the crew of the ship, which is now berthed at Mystic wharf. The cat messes with the officers, which is another proof of the truth of the story.   Read more


 Brush with fame 

Churchill patted cat the wrong way

London, 22 September 1941 (AP) — Cat, monthly publication of the Cats’ Protective League, chided Prime Minister Churchill today for fondling a cat during the Atlantic meeting with President Roosevelt.   Read more


 Winging it 

Cat catches fish

The Telegraph Brisbane Australia 28 December 1926 — “Believe it or not, this cat catches flying fish and provides a portion of the sailors’ diet,” said Mr Gustavo Green, chief officer of the Roosevelt Line steamer Cokesit to a representative of The Telegraph on Tuesday. The chief officer’s story was confirmed by Frank Brewer (second officer) and P. Simmons (third officer). They said that the cat sitting on the lower deck aft would reach up and seize a flying fish with its claws and mouth, then kill it by chewing its head, but save the body for the crew!    Read more


 Mysteries of the deep 

Dr Clarke’s fish story

San Francisco Call 9 August 1904 — “The liner Ventura on her outward voyage, when between this port and Honolulu, passed through a shower of squid, which delighted the ship’s cat and puzzled everybody else.    Read more