An albatross with a wicked glint in its eyeJoseph, an intrepid ginger tomcat, fell in the sea from the mizzen channels, heroically paddled around the Pacific for 20 minutes, and punched a predatory albatross with a paw before finally being rescued in this nail-biter from Alan Villers.   Read more


 Get me out of here! 

Life ring“Get me out of here” springs to mind on a sinking ship. U.S. Life-Saving Service’s Captain Henry E. Ketcham and his surfmen obliged, hauling the crew and Tim, the ship’s cat, to safety in a breeches buoy in time for Christmas dinner reports Able Seacat Bart.    Read more


 Eating etiquette 

Vintage flatwareTrim dined well thanks to his (mostly) good manners as almost every officer and man on board fed him. Able Sea-cat Bart reveals Trim’s successful table strategy and the fact that Matthew Flinders may have trimmed a couple of years off his age and shares Bruce Watson’s musical tribute to Trim the circumnavigating cat.   Read more


 There’s a bear in there 

Not seafaring felines but seafaring bearsNot all seafurrers were ships’ cats, says Able Sea-cat Bart, regaling readers with entertaining tales of the mischief, mayhem and misdeeds wrought by “honorary seafurrers” – in this case seafaring bears.   Read more


 Paper trail 

Sneaky rats the enemy of paper the world overShips’ cats discovered rodents are big paper fans when Sam Cunard’s Britannia carried the Royal Mail says Able Sea-cat Bart with the inside story on negotiations for an allowance for post office cats and a tale of mice and manuscripts.   Read more


 I taut I taw a puddy tat! 

A highly sought-after canaryAble Sea-cat Bart turns this tall tale of a seafaring feline and a shipment of canaries on its head as a reminder that friendship can be where you least expect it.   Read more


 Big cats on board 

A tiger tattoo - a memento of a really BIG ships' cat?Able Sea-cat Bart shares two tales of friendship, fun and frolics with tiger cubs on board as honorary ships’ cats. He also reveals the role model for William Blake’s “Tiger, tiger burning bright” …   Read more


 Friend or foe? 

Charles Darwin's study of emotions in animals - an angry ships' cat and a submissive sea dog.When ships’ cats met seadogs was it war or peace? Depends, says Able Sea-cat Bart sharing happy families snaps of shipboard life plus Matthew Flinder’s Trim being rather a troublemaker to prove he was the undisputed master of the dogs onboard. Read more


 Curiosity nearly killed the cat 

Able Sea-cat Bart highlights the problem of doors and hatches blocking essential patrolling activities in Curiosity Nearly Killed the Cat. Exploring and seeing what’s going on is what seafurrers do, he explains in a cautionary tale of seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets.   Read more


 Purrlitzer Prize 

In Purrlitzer, Able Sea-cat Bart shares Alan Villiers’ story of the Joseph Conrad crew rowing to rescue the ship’s kitten that fell overboard. It’s a classic tale of the head-above-water courage of seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets.   Read more