Mascots & Photo Opps

 Nelson’s floating menagerie 

The consolation of pets

“Considering the livestock that was carried to provide fresh food during a voyage, some of which roamed freely through the ship, to which were added sailors’ pets of all descriptions, warships must at times have resembled floating menageries …   Read more


 First aid 


THE GROG, March–April 2008 — The following is the correspondence between the skippers of the hospital ship USS Solace and the destroyer USS Bell 1919–20 regarding the disappearance of Thomas Whiskers, the Solace’s greatly valued ship’s mascot.   Read more


 Brush with fame 

Churchill patted cat the wrong way

London, 22 September 1941 (AP) — Cat, monthly publication of the Cats’ Protective League, chided Prime Minister Churchill today for fondling a cat during the Atlantic meeting with President Roosevelt.   Read more