Mascots & Photo Opps

 There’s a bear in there 

Not seafaring felines but seafaring bearsNot all seafurrers were ships’ cats, says Able Sea-cat Bart, regaling readers with entertaining tales of the mischief, mayhem and misdeeds wrought by “honorary seafurrers” – in this case seafaring bears.   Read more


 Big cats on board 

A tiger tattoo - a memento of a really BIG ships' cat?Able Sea-cat Bart shares two tales of friendship, fun and frolics with tiger cubs on board as honorary ships’ cats. He also reveals the role model for William Blake’s “Tiger, tiger burning bright” …   Read more


 Nelson’s floating menagerie 

Nelson’s floating menagerie made room for one more after Trafalgar, the cat rescued from the sinking Santissima Trinidad. Able Sea-cat Bart shares another tale of seafaring felines, the sailors’ pest controllers, shipmates, mascots and pets.   Read more