Keeping Watch

 Life’s ups & downs 

Going aloft

“The replacing a top-mast carried away, or taking a reef in the sails were what most attracted his [Trim’s] attention at sea; and at all times when there was more bustle on deck than usual, he never failed to be present and in the midst of it; for as I have before hinted, he was endowed with an unusual degree of confidence and courage, and having never received anything good from men, he believed all to be his friends, and he was the friend of all.   Read more


 Watch out 

Sailors declare cat saved ship from ice

Los Angeles Herald 28 June 1908 — Crew of freighter asserts feline’s vigilance was responsible for their safe arrival in port of Boston. A common black cat, with a bob tail, doglike ears and green eyes, saved the deeply laden British steamship Daltonhall from colliding with an iceberg off Cape Race. So at least say the crew of the ship, which is now berthed at Mystic wharf. The cat messes with the officers, which is another proof of the truth of the story.   Read more


 Work stations 

Seal watch

September 9th — Seal watch — Weather still fine and with lots of sun. From experience I know that the best watch places generally lie in direct sunshine, and so I shift my watch accordingly, thus covering many vantage points. My shipmates are admiring of the way I have orchestrated my watch system. Crean stopped to chat with me today, asking how things were going, and remarking on how warm my fur was.    Read more